Stress and Social Anxiety at Home PART 2

…Continued on from the previous post: “Stress and Social Anxiety at Home Part 1

Life at home has its ups and downs as well as life itself does, and it is important to know that children often feel pressure from their parents, the need and desire to live up to their expectations, to help out in the family by babysitting younger siblings, and the possibilities are endless. It is important to keep constant communication with your child or children to make sure you are aware of what is going in their lives, how school is going, how are the handling their workload, try to make sure that they have a balance and that their home pressures aren’t taking them over. This may not sound like my study relating to stress and social anxiety, but the little things such as a parent asking how your day is and how school is going and taking an interest in your life without being overbearing is therapeutic to a child, which can decrease their stress levels and improve their future communication with you.

While this is a lot easier said than done, the age of the “young adult” and “adolescent” is known for the child drifting apart from their parents hoping to gain some independence, but this is also the time that school and social pressures increase in a child’s life and they need you or need someone to talk to, but have a difficulty in admitting it. This describes how stress can affect a relationship between a parent and student throughout different ages, but in regards to social anxiety, home life can be the first indicator of a child suffering from something more than just being “shy” or “nervous.” The early someone with social anxiety gets diagnosed and begins treatment, the more beneficial effects it can have. That’s why I’m here discussing parenting as an eighteen-year-old young adult, because parents and guardians are the ones who know us best, so it’s important for me to discuss the effects that home and family life pressures and communication can have on a child’s life.



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