Day 47- Schoolyard Draft

Day 47- Schoolyard Draft

Quote of the Day: “Oh I can’t join that team. Fine, didn’t want to anyways” -Yen

Music of the Day: 

I am so incredibly happy with what I managed to get done today, even in the first 2 hours or so alone. And it was in no small part thanks to my own GENIUS breakthrough!!! Ok not really. More like thanks in part to my own laziness and the desire to NOT have to build a completely new UI system for team select, because as I’ve said many a time, I am no artist. So as I thought about how I was going to build a completely new menu in less than a week, I realized I didn’t have to. Instead of making some fancy menu where everyone hits various buttons to choose who their teammates are, why not have them play the game to do it? By that I mean stick them onto the level with a couple of capture points that let you choose teams. So that’s what I did. Here, a picture may be helpful in this instance:


Those 2 flags, the blue one on the table to the left and the red one on the cabinet to the right, are the team selectors! Basically, you go stand on one for a couple of seconds and your team is set to the corresponding color and a nice little message play to everyone informing them that player x has joined whatever team, so that they can mark out the enemies they will smite in the actual game. After all players have chosen a team, a 10-second warning is given and then everyone is plopped into the actual game mode itself. This was actually super simple and only required a couple of new scripts to do, most of which was similar to stuff I had already done multiple times. After multiple rounds of testing, I was very satisfied that I had made it so much quicker than expected, and started thinking about other small features I could add. Before I did that, though, I needed to link it up to the menu system, so that it loaded you into team select rather than straight into control mode. This didn’t really need it’s own whole sentence, I just changed the level that it loaded. Wooooo, time wasting! Anyways, that done I was ready to add some features.

First on the list was the ability to restrict team size based on the number of players in the game. For example, if you have 4 players, you want 2 teams of 2, not one team of 3 and then some poor sod who’s going to get their butt kicked. The functionality for this was pretty simple: add an integer that increments when a player joins a certain team, and then check whenever someone tries to join that same team that the number of players on it aren’t maxed out (number of players/2). With that done I added a message to correspond that basically yells at you if you try to cheat the system, then implemented a 10 second timer and corresponding warning before the game actually started. Basically, once every player has joined a team there’s a 10 second warning that pops up and after that 10 seconds the players move to the actual game level and play the game. Small touches like that are what make the mode feel more like a refined, polished experience vs a barebones beta. Last on my list was to hook up the team select scene to the menu, so that it would load in with whatever bots players had chosen when they elected to play control mode.

This was a little bit trickier than it would normally be, because we have so many modifications for control mode and especially the main Player class, there arr big chunks of code that are turned off or added specifically for control mode. So I had to tiptoe around all of this when dropping the correct MiniBotz into the team select scene while still making sure that their core functionality remained. I got it most of the way there with only a few small errors to get around tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be interesting because I won’t be going in to the office, but instead trying to work a little bit remotely from home/school, since I have too many places to be. So we’ll see how that goes.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! As I said yesterday, I would let you know if the Volleyball tournament wasn’t at OV, and guess what, it’s at Sporting Chance. Also, after reading Cameron’s blog post I’m going to slightly copy his idea of continuing to blog about my day-to-day at Proper Villains, probably on another site that I will get set up. more details on that will come at the end of this week. And also, since I guess I just spoiled it, I’ll be working here over the summer, no longer as Freebie, but instead as Paidbee! Or Garrett. Preferably Garrett. 



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