Day 48- Friendly Fire

Day 48- Friendly Fire

Quote of the Day: Not really any good ones that spring to mind

Music of the Day: Lots of songs with “Carpe Diem” somewhere in the title. Not on purpose, just a funny coincidence.

I came back today (the penultimate day of my project) knowing that I had to finish as much as I possibly could before I left, because after I’m gone I won’t be here for reference if anything I made breaks. First, though, I turned in my employment paperwork, which was very exciting. Then I went over to the main dev area and saw… people working on Git. Wonderful. While this meant that I wasn’t able to work for a little while, the reason was worth it: the project was being moved to the local Git repository rather than a cloud based one somewhere in the world. Basically it’s stored on the Proper Villains server now, meaning that our pushes/pulls are much, much faster and we don’t have to worry about someone hacking into the remote and stealing our work since all the data is at our office now. After a little while they gave me the go ahead to start working again though, and I got down to my tasks. First up: polishing off the team select.

The first thing I needed to do was make sure that the correct bots were getting put into the character select for each player, and that turned out to be amazingly simple, since the code was already there. I just needed to hook it up. Next I needed to make sure that transitioning from team select to the actual game worked without a hitch, and though at first I thought it was, surprise surprise things broke pretty soon. If you remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to day 12 I think it was, when I was still working on the teleporter, Clip and Mack would have a bug where they couldn’t attack after moving levels. Thankfully, I also remembered that I had encountered that bug before, but couldn’t remember how I fixed it. Conveniently, I wrote that down in the post. So I referred back to one of my earlier posts to fix a thing that I had broken once before. It was a kind of funny experience. With that fixed, I ran into another issue: botz could damage themselves. This was more prevalent for some over others, but it was still comical to watch Mack repeatedly slam the ground while slowly killing himself.

The solution to this one was also pretty simple. Remember how each bot has a string that tells them what team they’re on? Well, their attacks do too (it’s called a “Damage Mask”), and basically it says “Hey, if my attack is from the same team as the thing it’s hitting, don’t do damage to it.” It stops friendly fire, basically. So all I had to do was set the damage mask of the bot’s attacks in the same spot that I set its team. Pretty easy. That done, I moved back into the team select scene itself to add a feature that I had forgotten when I initially made it: team swapping. or, rather, telling whatever team had just been left that it had one less player. This also turned out to be pretty easy, I just grabbed whatever it’s previous team had been and said to that team ‘hey, you have one less player now,” therreby keeping the maximum players per team functionality intact as well. And With that (plus a small Music manager bugfix that isn’t worth talking about), I was off to the volleyball tournament.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Tomorrow is the last day of my project, so there may be an extra-long post. Just a warning.


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