Weeks 4 and 5

Hello all! I am sorry for the hiatus. These past three weeks I have been on travel, to home and to tour colleges. I did work for three days last week, which I will be updating you on in the blog post. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this update!

On Monday of last week, I learned of an upcoming event that Engage Miami is planning in partnership with the ACLU. It will feature a panel of lawyers who will educate attendees on protesters’ rights, so that protesters can stand up for themselves in situations when law enforcement/government are involved. Despite the fact that I will no longer be with the organization by the time the event rolls around, I designed a flier for the event (with help and critique from a board member) that will soon be cleared for publication.

On Tuesday, I made volunteer calls once more. The event I was promoting was a March For Science that Saturday, which was an event carried out nationally with a Miami chapter. We got a few confirmations (hooray!).  The rest of my work that week was done remotely, as my supervisor was on vacation that week.

I went to Planned Parenthood Wednesday because I was to travel Thursday. There I was given a list of stories for the bank, this one with over 300 names. Just categorizing each story has taken me over five hours, so making my way through calls will take me a few days.

On Thursday I traveled! I am sorry for the short update and the wait, but this next update should be considerably longer. I am sad to announce that the last day of my internship will be May 5, but happy to be returning home soon. Thank you all for reading!


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