More Unity: Part 3 (Terrain and Roads)

More Unity: Part 3 (Terrain and Roads)

In my last post I talked about Bezier Curves and it was not only hard to describe to you but it has been very hard to implement so I am still working on that. Another important aspect of my game or simulator is too have a road on which the user can ride their bike on and that is what I will be talking about in this post.

Ordinarily this task would be rather straight forward if I was working with flat terrain but as you can see in the feature image, my terrain is a mountain. Also, I am still figuring out how I can accurately place a road onto the terrain and at this point the easiest thing to do would be to just place a road and have it not be accurate. I figured out that I was working with an incorrectly scaled representation of Mount Lemmon. I changed this by making the units in Unity meters and then I was easily able to make a correctly scaled representation. Then I just started placing a road approximately where it would be and it turned out pretty well. Mount Lemmon Road

Obviously there are still things that I can iron out but for now this will do. It is something I can add all the other components to like the checkpoint system. Peace out until next post…


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