More Unity: Part 4 (Basic Testing of Components)

This week I have been trying to get a more cohesive project finished because I would like to have something to show off in my final presentation in May. This was difficult and I ran into a few problems but I did get a very basic video recorded of what the skeleton of the project looks like…

In the video I have the Mount Lemmon terrain, a rough representation of the Mount Lemmon road and an object that represents you, the bicycle rider. The camera is a little buggy but that just requires a little more coding which is taking more time than I thought. Other than that, I am rather pleased with what I have done with the terrain and the project as a whole and I am excited to keep you updated till my presentation.

Things left to do before the presentation (hopefully):

  • Implement the bezier curve or something similar so the bicycle will be able to follow the road by its self and not require any outside inputs from the user.
  • Place checkpoints. This sounds very basic but I have put it off till the end because it is time consuming and the other parts of this project are more interesting
  • Get it VR ready.
  • And that’s pretty much all I would have time for.

Talk to you later in the next blog post which might be the last one…


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