Week 5 – A Case of the Hiccup(s)

This week could be described as an ego check. I spent most of the week in frustration. My code has changed little since last week, but I now know a handful of ways to not edit the stroke width.

The python library I am using reads the .svg file as an element tree. This means I can look at a specific path (line) or rectangle.  Then, read the attributes of the element, such as stroke width or color. This is pretty easy to do, however there is a disconnect between the elements I am accessing and the actual .svg text. This means that it is very difficult to edit parts of the file using this methodology. I spent a couple days at Starbucks trying to figure out how to make this route work. I eventually stopped, took a step back, and decided to figure out a different way to go about this problem.

The next idea I had was to look for a different library that would be more willing to edit specific attributes. I scoured the internet and looked far and wide. I found a couple libraries that could edit attributes of the .svg file, however they all lacked some other important functionalities. So I decided that this was not the best route.

This week was really frustrating yet humbling. I spent a lot of time attempting to fix a pretty simple problem. I really didn’t get that far, I do now know a lot a ways that do not work, which is somewhat helpful. At this point I began to realize that with more planning and research I could have skipped a lot of this frustration. I will find a solution next week…I hope.

svg image copy.png


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