Week 6 – A Solution


I was taking a walk a couple nights ago and BAM. It hit me. I new exactly how to edit stroke width. I ran home like a madman, muttering nonsense. A couple of years ago, when I had to write an essay I had procrastinated, I found that sleep can be replaced with exercise and cold showers. I coded for 2 hours, then ran 2 miles, then coded more, ran more, a quick shower, then back to coding. I was up all night, around 4am I went to bed and slept happy.

The solution I found was incredibly simple. It pains me to think about all the time I spent in frustration. Luckily brains are pretty good as suppressing uncomfortable memories, so I hardly remember last week.

.svg files can be read as a string (text), and I can edit strings easily. If I just search the string for the sections that include “stroke-width:”, then I can change the stroke width with ease. I called this the ‘plaintext solution,’ because I was reading the file as the computer reads it, with no special formatting beforehand. This solution worked perfectly for me. Last week was not a waste, as I may have made it seem. I learned what I could and couldn’t do to .svg files, I also saw a lot of different ways to edit files. A lot of what I saw I deemed unimportant when I saw it, however, I couldn’t have come up with the solution with all that information.

I am pretty happy with the solution I came up with. I am sure there are other solutions that work just as well, but the point of problem solving is to find a solution that works.


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