Engineering – More Than Nuts and Bolts… Back Home

I cannot see the world the way I did before my Texas visit… My interning experience completely changed my role in my family business by allowing me to apply many of the management principles that I learned at Stabiltec, which made me see the importance of actually going out of my comfort zone to learn new things.

Upon my return, I sat down with my parents to talk about how we can improve the family business. Our shop, CIMA Automotive, is an automotive repair shop that deals with anything and everything mechanical, electrical, or what have you. We formally started the business almost four years ago, and have seen great success, but we are still fresh in the business-owning realm, and sometimes struggle with organization of shop operations.

I spoke with my family about keeping the shop itself as clean as possible, keeping everyone’s tools in their proper boxes etc… and made them realize that every minute that we lose struggling with a disorganized environment is a minute that we lose shop output. I managed to organize other issues in the shop as well, figuring out a safer and cleaner system to get rid of automotive liquid waste and scrap parts, and even organized a Saturday shop spring-cleaning extravaganza with our two employees. In just the month that I have been back, my parents have noticed a positive difference in their work day at the shop, and our employees frequently say that working has become much easier and more efficient.

I never realized how valuable real-world experience can be, and I fell in love with seeing something grow and improve with changes I made based on things that I went and learned. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with what I learned, and can’t wait to go and learn something new.


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