Week 10 – Refelctions

My final presentation is coming quickly, this is a great time to look back on what I did and what I learned. This week I did very little coding, and focused my time on creating a presentation that will accurately describe how I felt during the last few months.

Looking back to when I started this project gives me a funny feeling. I learned so much, not only about coding and planning, but also about how I approach problems and think about them. It is hard to call that person who started this project “me a few months ago.”

One of the big things that I lost sight of, that I had to convince my audience of, was the importance of what I was doing. When I started, I understood the importance of laser cutting and its potential to teach and allow people to be creative. I knew that anything to make this process easier would help everyone involved. From the time I started coding, I forgot about this. I was coding to edit and .svg file, I wasn’t coding to help people. Writing my presentation forced me to remember why I did this and the importance of it.

I learned a lot about software development and the process that goes into it. The collaboration is a huge part, and a very helpful one too. I learned much more than that, I learned the importance of planning, and the process of problem solving. BASIS has always told me the importance of planning, I followed along, but mostly for the grade. The SRP showed me the importance of planning. The times when I did do planning, I flew through the section with little hiccups. The times I failed to plan, I went slowly and got stuck. The value of planning is what I walked away. I am forever thankful for that.


If you are curious, here is my program, uploaded to GitHub:



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