Engineering – More Than Nuts and Bolts… DONE

I just got home from my SRP Presentation and it was awesome. I loved seeing my fellow peers’ interests and works, and I loved getting to show mine as well. Even stopped by for some Olive Garden to celebrate!

Now time for some incredibly well deserved thank you’s… (written directly, hopefully they read it)

Mr. “Wink” Winkelman – College Counselor/SRP Coordinator

After 5 years of knowing me, not a single time did you give up on me. You have seen the best and worst of me and were always there for me when I needed advice, someone to vent to, or a reality check. You’ve helped me realize my strengths and worked with me on my weaknesses. I highly appreciate every minute that you spent getting me copies, transcripts, helping me find the right colleges and scholarships, and writing me my letters of recommendation. I could not have done this without you. Also thank you for teaching me like 8 different push-up forms in 8th grade… You da man Wink!

Mr. “Dean B” Balanda  –  SRP Advisor/Dean of Students

 You have been one of my greatest friends throughout high school. Whether we are hating on each other’s cars, collectively hating on someone else’s car, or just venting to each other about annoying people we deal with, I always feel like I can go to you for anything. I do want to thank you for logging in close to 66 hours of in-person advising (not to mention the countless emails), for making scary phone calls for me when I did not have the guts (or experience) to ask for an internship at GM, and for of course for ripping my presentation and PowerPoint to shreds (constructively) after my first rehearsal. You have always given me the best advice for any type of situation, from dealing with little kids and their parents at church (we both serve in a Kid’s Ministry), to correctly aligning pictures to text boxes on my slides. Working with you has always been a pleasure, and getting to know you as a friend was even more so. I have always looked up to you, and I am very glad that you stayed long enough to help me through senior year. Thanks for everything B…

An accurate depiction of my relationship with Mr. B…

For those who are not familiar with BASIS Faculty… they are an incredible group of people with an even more incredible devotion to making BASIS student’s lives better. I see so many of them go out of their way to help students on a daily basis, and I can tell that they do it with pure ecstatic passion. That is why I love BASIS. Sure over a dozen AP’s helped me get ahead in college but BASIS Ed. and it’s faculty body taught me to love learning. That is why I stayed at BASIS when given the chance to leave, that is why I didn’t let a bad report card scare me away during my first couple of years at BASIS, and that is why I wanted to pursue this SRP.

It is the relationships that are formed between student and teacher that make high school enjoyable. And the ones that I formed at BASIS are the type that are going to make me hunt them back down during my visits back home from ASU to catch a coffee.

Passion is contagious… and a passion for learning is the best type of bug to have and share.

Thank you BASIS… For everything.


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