Some Reflections

I presented my final project this past week. Upon reflecting over its success, I realized some valuable things were I ever to repeat a similar process.

Firstly, I was rather disappointed I didn’t get the opportunity to carry this project to the next level with a creative aspect. I consider myself a rather creative person, and while I enjoyed the very research-heavy nature of my project, next time I’d prefer to try something where I get to be slightly more inventive of my own nature. For this particular project, this might mean the creation of an environmental education manual for teachers, or even the culmination of the worksheets I designed into a fun booklet for the kids.

Secondly, were I to redo this project, I might do some research on how environmental education could be effectively implemented in our home community. At my project, I got lots of questions surrounding that sort of topic- like “What did you observe with the infrastructure surrounding environmental education in Oregon that made it successful” and “How do you think we could bring this back to BASIS” and “What did you learn during this project that could be specifically relevant to our BASIS community”. Studying these things would be especially important for our community, but also pique my interest because I was educated at BASIS, and would wonder how our education could be improved to reflect the thesis of my project.

Lastly, one of my biggest regrets was that I never actually got the chance to see Wheeler Elementary in person. The 4th-5th grade students using Project Based Learning at Wheeler were doing all sorts of great work and had multiple open houses to display their projects, so I wish I could’ve been present to see it. It also would have been fun to see the worksheets I designed being used, but thankfully the teachers were lovely and gave lots of great feedback.

But overall, this project was wildly successful! It was made possible by Mrs. Lundt, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Kramer, Mrs. Logan, Mr. Winkelman, and Dr. Paradise and the rest of BASIS Ed- so special thanks to all of them.


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