Week 4: Moving Forward

These past weeks I’ve been working with Daniel, but also on more of my own music as well.

Week 4: I worked with Daniel a bit on a few of my projects and then connected with some fellow producers and writers at the studio as we workshopped our ideas. I learned a lot about song-making, layering vocals, and the value of outside input in improving my own style.

In Tucson, a lot of artists work through connections and events, and you can find a number of people who do what you do when you start to reach out. Without the advantages of collaboration and media, it would be a lot harder for talented people to get recognition. That being said, these days musicians can work heavily through online fanbases as well. Releasing albums, singles, EPs, and music videos, and then promoting through friends and social media are essential strategies to marketing yourself and your content.

Through this output, you can start to build your own “brand” and stylistic identity, which is why many of the most popular musicians we see today, in addition to having catchy songs and enjoyable music, usually have a unique element to their style or personality that makes them stand out. With artists like Kendrick, it’s a lyrical poignancy drawn through storytelling juxtaposed with a simplified, youthful perspective in many of his projects (good kid). With people like Drake, it can often be a mix of bouncy club-friendly songs relaxed, half-asleep sounding flow, and light R&B jams with many emotional, relatable lyrics that draw people to his music. Overall, without also having unique style and approach in addition to high quality music, an artist of any genre may have more trouble gaining support.



Keeping all this in mind, I do my best to make my steps gradually but carefully, and be open to outside input.



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