Week 9 Recap

As many of you know I did my project with two other students and each of us worked on something a little bit different, but I wanna explain a little bit about the overall goal of the project as a whole. The goal of our project was to assess where habitable planets could be around stars within 10 parsecs and prioritize, determine which stars are already known to harbor planets, and create a target list for a future telescope biosignature survey. Our program looked a bit like this:

Displaying 20170419_111209.jpg

The results of the program look a bit like this:

Program pic outside

The image above shows the habitable zone, in blue, around the star, the dot, and where the earth would be orbiting that star. The earth is meant to give an idea of where another planet with a similar characteristics could be and whether it would be around that stars habitable zone.

Displaying Earth kumi.png

The image above shows another star and its habitable zone but in this image the earth is inside the habitable zone. Overall, the point of this is to show where astronomers should search for habitable planets.



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