Desert Museum Week 5

Hey, it’s time to actually make some comics! Mrs. Robin was off work this week so I was set to go off drawing on my own.

First step was to acquire the supplies: paper and pens. After some online research I headed down to Michel’s to buy some smooth Bristol paper. The paper came in 11in x 17 in sheets, in packs of 24, and could barely fit in my tiny backpack. As labeled, it was very smooth, and sliding a pen nib across the surface of the paper felt like silk.

For pens, I briefly experimented with dip pens, but quickly scrapped a work-in-progress page and resigned from that idea. Some artists can make real beautiful work with dip pens, but I’m not one of them. I just lack the dexterity and experience with my wrist, and I decided I should save learning that skill for another day. I settled on using technical pens for the linework, because they are quick drying, smudge resistant, and very convenient to carry and use. The fact I already owned a small collection of them was an additional factor.

So basically, it was a week of drawing and inking, inking and drawing, and so forth. What a time.



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