Week 6: U of A Choir Recording

Week 6: On Friday, Daniel and I went to record a live session of U of A’s graduate choir in one of it’s music halls. We had to get there early to set everything up, and while I thought my second time doing live recording would be more simple, I still ran into some struggles…

Set-up in any music recording setting is extremely important, and since Daniel often takes his equipment on the go, he likes to quickly get the materials laid out and the set prepared. After being left alone and taking  nearly 10 minutes to get the table legs up, he helped me out and let me practice un- and re-coiling the mic cables. He always stresses the important of maintaining and reusing equipment because it saves him a lot of money on buying new materials. I finally got the hang of it (literally), and left the spare hung coil in the supplies box as he got the session ready. I moved the organ into place and waited for things to start.


Auditorium Space

The graduate students walked in one-by one and warmed up. The lady we met there was accompanying their singing with both piano and organ playing, and we had to make sure we got clean takes with no outside interruptions. I helped close the doors and communicate from the curtain when the recording was ready to start. The sound was amazing, even from behind the stage, and I was able to listen through two different pairs headphones and compare the tonalities of sound. The older pair of headphones had a softer, warmer quality that picked up a balance of the choir and instruments, while the newer pair had a more bright, detailed sound. The end result was a recording received from the condenser mics we had positioned on the stage and the pianist/organ player met with Daniel after to find the take she liked best for him to send over.


U of A Graduate Student Choir


VIP Access Recording

I learned a lot about the importance of procedure and professionalism from this experience. Daniel is a laid-back guy, but takes his clients work very seriously and always makes sure his set-up and clean-up is efficient and the product is top-quality. If I ever enter the music business in the future, his methods are definitely examples I will keep in mind.


Table with the legs I couldn’t fully get up for 10 min


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