Week 7: Follow-Ups

After some more listening over, Daniel suggested I focus on polishing up my sound, so I spent some time reading up and figuring out ways to improve my mixes. I have a few songs in progress I’ve been looking over that I’m planning to release soon, but I also think it’s very important to experiment and try different things in the early stages of one’s artistic development. Books and videos can teach us a lot, but as Daniel told me that voice and style are very unique from person to person, and it’s a lot better to figure out what works best for you than just follow a formula that other people use. Keeping this in mind, I’ve been doing both research and trial and error methods with a lot of different elements in my computer program to try and get a cleaner sound. Hopefully, my engineering skills will keep improving and I’ll develop an ear as skilled as his one day.


Books on Mastering and Engineering Sound


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