Week 8: Audio and Visuals

Week 8: Gaining more experience on my own, I’ve noticed the best artists and producers usually have attractive aesthetics and imagery to draw in their consumers. Daniel has reminded me that music is as much as business as it is an art, and to effectively reach an audience, it should communicate quality in all ways possible. Contemplating this, I decided to spend some time during this project working on visuals and images to accompany the music I’ll release in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 6.59.01 PM.png

Production Visuals in Adobe After Effects

Most of the visuals for my beat production are usually relatively simple and consistent from video to video:

  • An image or video of a popular artist that the beat’s style may resemble (in this case Q),
  • A colorful filter over the image (in this case purple)
  • My personal logo (‘BM’ for ‘BlackMajick Beats’ the name of my production company)
  • Sample of the beat itself as the background music
  • Audio spectrum (Lines around the logo that move with the ‘bump’ of the song)

All of these are artistic choices that can vary for different producers, but I’ve gradually made improvements and changes to my beats/videos over time, most of which can be found for now on my youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/blackmajickbeats

I plan to continue adding improvements and eventually create a website and market some of my instrumentals to artists themselves with the advice and input I’ve received from my internship advisor. However, graphics and design in general are areas that have continued to peak my interest, as I hope to delve deeper and expand my range of musical and artistic skills. Below is some additional sample album art I’ve worked on for some of my own songs.


Art made on Illustrator and various other apps


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