Coat Kids Club 3

Surprising, this was my last Coati Kid’s Club. I started helping with these for the very start of my internship and time went faster than I expected. By now I was quite familiar with how these classes went; lecture, museum, snacks, and a craft, but it was still as enjoying as ever to assist in them. I just like hanging around kids, I guess.

The subject of this meeting was pack rats, those wily  little buggers. There was a table with information on how to safely remove pack rats in the back of the classroom, with no-kill traps put on display. As I looked over the traps, memories of a teacher telling me how he just drowned any pack rats he caught began to echo in my head. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Children were encouraged to bring in their collections, because pack rats also collect stuff, right? One child brought in plastic fantasy figures, another kid brought in rocks, there was a girl with a bug collection, one kid brought in even more rocks, and I think there might have been one last kid who also brought rocks. This was a valuable lesson in appealing to younger audiences, as I have now learned that children really like rocks. I would change my comic’s subject to Sonoran geology but unfortunately I have already left the time frame to do so. Maybe I could just draw a bunch of rocks in the background of the panels, that might work.

One other focus of the club was a future exhibit being planned for the museum, a child oriented activity area based around pack rats. It was made to be more like a play pen than a usual museum exhibit, but also had educational elements interwoven. The premise was that the children could play like pack rats, and by going through the play pen they would have a greater understanding of pack rat’s environment. It was a pretty charming idea, the kind of stuff I think I would’ve enjoyed as a kid. Thankfully, despite being a legal adult I am 5’2″ and could easily fit in most children’s playgrounds.

I’ve really enjoyed helping with these clubs for the last few months, and I’ll be sad to be no longer participating as a volunteer. Still, I really hope I can continue to help, since these have been very enlightening for planning out my project.


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