Week 4, Part 4: Getting to Oregon


This was the first photo I took of Oregon this trip. It was roughly midnight and I stopped to pull over and get this night-time long exposure because the mountains here were just too interesting for me to pass up. I expected this in Idaho, but it was interesting to see this landscape in Oregon. I quickly figured out this trip that Oregon is one of the most geographically diverse states in the county, especially considering the size.

The road I stopped on
My Ford Explorer Sport 2DR 

After these photos we drove straight to the hotel, getting there extremely late. It was okay though, the hotel had comfortable beds and good air quality.

The next day we made it our goal to explore the John Day Fossil Beds a few hours away.

There were some pretty awesome sights along the way, including these geese (not that cool but the photo is cool):

“these geese”

And this beautiful rural scene:

Multi-image panorama featuring a pretty cool tractor

Before we got to the actual fossil beds we stopped in a placed called The Corner Cafe in a very small town near the beginning of the fossil beds. It was one older man running the restaurant, and I had the best baked potato I’ve ever had. I really would like to go back there and try the burger that the one other customer in the restaurant said was “the best burger I’ve ever had!” That’s a stretch, but I’m dying to find out!

The journey to Painted Hills in the John Day Fossil bed was interesting, with trees covered in shoes and cool signage. But the actual site was much cooler. Most of these are phone photos, but it is still really cool nonetheless.

This photo isn’t a phone photo. The colors during sunset were unreal. 

After Painted Hills we began a long drive through the backroads of Oregon to Newberg. The roads were terribly marked, and there was no cell service to speak of and almost no gas stations. In addition to this, you cannot fill your own gas in Oregon, so when a gas station closes, you’re out of luck. At some point during our drive we realized we took a wrong turn. After getting a tiny amount of service in a small town in the middle of Oregon, I looked up the nearest gas station, understanding that if we continued on the wrong route like we were doing, we would run out of gas. Our ETA said we would arrive within 5-10 minutes of the gas station closing if we turned around at that point and adjusted our course to a town we didn’t even want to go through. We did it anyways, and with our gas on E, we made it to the gas station with 5 minutes to spare. The town was out of the way, and rather creepy, but it was better than being stranded without service. We got to my Air BnB rental in Newberg at around 3am that night.

In addition to this, my back window had broke. It was a rough drive into Oregon, but I was very happy to be there. I was about to live in this little red house by myself for a week and I couldn’t be more excited!


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