Week 5: Getting Used to Oregon and Problems

My first week in Oregon was an adjustment week.

It constantly rained, I constantly felt tired and unmotivated, and I had little knowledge of the area or what to do. I basically spent my entire week dealing with various issues and researching stuff about the local herpetofauna.

While I was in Painted Hills, I busted the hinge system on my back door, so the glass part of my back door was falling off. You could easily rip it off and take whatever was inside. This was a huge problem considering the week after I would have what is essentially my life’s possessions (all camera equipment, computer, most of my clothes and shoes, a large wooden clock, etc.) in my car for a week while I ran around micromanaging children. I was not going to risk having my stuff stolen, or even worse, the other hinge breaking while I was driving around. Not good.

I got it fixed, but I had to wait a day for an open slot for the them to fix my vehicle, so it took a lot of time out of the week as far as days to go places and explore.

Not only that, but once my car was fixed, my computer broke. The entire time I was in Oregon I was editing photos to use for upcoming blog posts, and my computer decided it had enough. It started making screeching noises, and before I knew it, my hard drive had failed. I brought it in to Best Buy, waited another day for a diagnosis, and discovered that all of my files had been lost. It would cost hundreds of dollars to just attempt a fix, and even then it was no guaranteed. Luckily I still had photos on my SD cards and all of my finished photos were on my external drive.

However, there was more bad news. Aside from the Best Buy being an hour away, my computer, which could be fixed under the insurance I had, would not be able to be shipped back to me until a month later. This was basically the entire span of my time in Oregon.

In order for me to continue my project, I had to buy a new computer. Between having to go to another Best Buy to get the computer because it was out of stock, and purchasing necessary accessories and setting all of my programs up, another day was wasted.

Because of my own shortcomings with regards to maximizing my time, readjusting to a new environment, and having everything essential around me break, my entire week was wasted.

However, I was able to get some interesting shots of some frogs late on my second night in Oregon after some dinner.

Northern Red-legged Frog
Pacific Chorus Frog

This, and a failed hiking trip at the end of the week were my only truly successful outings in the field to find what I needed. This failure to find things during my first week here was critical in my project’s later change of direction.


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